Dusting, Scrubbing, and Quarantine - Oh My!

Kristin Francoeur - May 7, 2020
In our previous week’s installation, we talked about the transformative aspect and impact of replacing the light sources in your home and swapping out lampshades. While the website realtor.com does have many other home projects that you can (and should!) undertake, I thought it’d be helpful to shine a spotlight on another activity — cleaning.
Yes, cleaning. While it seems mundane and repetitive, there is nothing quite as welcoming and comforting as a clean home.
The website curbed.com recommends embarking upon intensive cleaning projects during quarantine. While we’ve definitely heard about the importance of disinfecting high-touch surfaces and common areas in the news, it’s also important to clean harder-to-reach areas as well!
This both allows for a decluttering of your home along with health benefits from the removal of built up dust and grime. By cleaning your vents and baseboards, you can both get rid of certain allergens as well as clogging substances that reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning or heating unit. 
Another place for dust and dirt to congregate — under your bed! Make sure you take this time as an opportunity to move your bed if possible and to conduct an intensive cleaning of the floor underneath your bed. Who knows, you might find objects you thought you were missing — they always seem to turn up tucked away under large pieces of furniture!
If there is any other aspect of the cleaning process that you feel might be important (ie. washing windows), my advice is to Go For It! The more you do to improve your living space, the happier you and your loved ones around you will be!

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