Exploring Our Backyard

Kristin Francoeur - May 21, 2020
Happy Friday!
This amazingly-warm weather has got me thinking - what else can we do during quarantine that combines the comfort of home with the explorative nature of the great outdoors?
Luckily, the New York Times has a great article about the merits of camping right in your own backyard! I thought I’d share it with you - the link to the online article is at the bottom of this blog post.
Oftentimes, we go away for the summer. While we enjoy our community’s beautiful, pristine beaches, scenic hiking routes, and authentic local farms, it can be nice to have a change of pace.
And so, away we go. We fly to remote tropical islands, we take long drives to rural New England areas, and we go camping!
With the current Covid-19 crisis, we aren’t quite able to accomplish this as easily as we did last summer. But, fear not. It’s going to take more than a pandemic to dull our keen adventurous spirit - because we can go camping right in our backyard!
Think about it: all the outdoor fun and sense of being connected with nature, but without the hassle and struggle of packing your bags into the car in the wee hours of dawn.
Camping in your backyard can be a welcome change of scenery, while maintaining a healthy respect for social distancing regulations and guidelines.
This weekend perhaps, weather permitting, try it! Try getting away from home, while staying at home safely.
This summer, consider camping in your own backyard.

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