Hello, 2021!

Kristin Francoeur - January 18, 2021
Much of humanity has long been structured around the theme of continuity and of new beginnings. It’s human nature to try to define periods of time with certain temporal markers - such as a year, a month, a day.
It’s with this desire to have a new beginning that we turn to the next year - we make New Year’s Resolutions, we drink a toast to the previous year, and - especially in 2020 -- we keep our fingers crossed that the next year will be better. A great deal of change is occurring at the start of this year - from new mindsets to even a new administration in the federal government.
The advent of the Covid-19 vaccine gives another glimmer of hope for 2021. As of now, about 5 percent of the U.S. population has received a vaccination against SARS-Cov2. As the months progress and the vaccination effort picks up steam, this number will swell, and we will return to some semblance of normalcy.
The new year also marks the start of another exciting time for real estate advisors such as myself - the spring pull to begin searching for one’s next home. In the early months of January and February, potential buyers begin to speculate about what they would like in their next home. As the months grow warmer, their search likewise intensifies, with the goal of choosing the dream home by summer. It’s remarkable to observe the parallels between the search for a home and the cycle of life. Spring, which is only a few weeks ahead of us, truly is the start of beautiful things.
So for now, make the most of winter! Go skiing at a local mountain - Loon Mountain has snow, and is only two hours away. Take a scenic walk in the woods. Wake up before the crack of dawn and enjoy a hot, steaming coffee as you take in the sunrise. Because before you know it, we will be back in the thick of it as soon as spring rolls around!

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Prior to her career in real estate, Kristin forged her sales and marketing capabilities at some of the most well-known consumer brands in the world. These capabilities have been channeled to her deep passion for architecture, and valuation bringing optimal outcomes to both buyers and sellers.

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