Spring Activities: Hammond Castle Museum

Kristin Francoeur - April 11, 2022
Spring has finally sprung! The budding flowers and calm weather are here to stay, providing families the perfect time to get outside and discover something new.
John Hays Hammond Jr. is known as “The Father of Radio Control”, and for good reason! His pioneering developments in electronic remote control lay the foundation for all modern remotes. It’s thanks to him that we don’t have to get up and walk over to our television every time we want to change the channel!
The Hammond Castle Museum, located in Gloucester, MA, has provided a glimpse into the past for people of all ages. Its historical value and breathtaking scenery have made it one of the most important pieces of history on the North Shore.
Starting next week, the museum is giving children and adults many opportunities to explore its vast halls and outdoor walkways to learn more about the history of the building and its owner. Below are the wonderful events taking place at the castle in the upcoming weeks:
Be amazed by Peter A. Cancilla’s puppetry on April 19, as he and his crew of Vaudeville Puppets will be performing at the castle at 11 AM!
Bring your children to Knights & Ladies Day on April 20 to teach them about heraldry and have them create their own coat of arms!
On April 21, kids get in for free! Seize the day by bringing your little ones to the historical castle and watch as their imaginations run wild!
Are you a Gloucester resident? Enjoy a free walk around the museum to learn about John Hays Hammond Jr.’s history on May 3!
With the change of season comes a special time to embrace our surroundings and learn about what makes our towns special. I hope you all have a chance to experience the incredible and rich piece of the past that is the Hammond Castle Museum.
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Written by Alec Bachry

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